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If you’re looking for the perfect way to update the exterior of your home, render can be the ideal way to do so. The Rendering Brisbane team are the experts in providing Brisbane residents with a durable home exterior that will keep homes modern and attractive for years to come.


With over 15 years of industry experience, you can rest assured that our team possesses all of the necessary knowledge and skill set to perform a job that exceeds all expectations. Our team will work an acrylic rendering solution that best suits your desired look, resulting in an overall finish that will make you fall in love with your house all over again.


What Does Acrylic Rendering Involve?


Many of our clients ask us what does acrylic render actually mean? Acrylic is referring to the variety of plastic that is in the mix. By doing so, you are left with a product that is stronger, and more flexible than traditional formulations, reducing the chance of cracking.


This option is more popular than cement rendering due to its easy application and durability. Much like other products, an acrylic render is suitable for application on most building materials including bricks, hebel blocks and concrete sheeting.


Our team applies a minimum of two coats to ensure that colour payoff is at its best, exceeding cosmetic expectation and providing a high, lasting performance.


Rendering Brisbane Benefits:


  •    Superior resistance to abrasion
  •    Flatter, smoother, high-quality finish
  •    Excellent weather resistance
  •    Commercial and residential solutions
  •    No job is too big, or too small
  •    Honest reliable and trustworthy team
  •    Brisbane owned and operated

Benefits of Choosing Acrylic Render with Rendering Brisbane:


When choosing to render your home, you may select acrylic rendering based on its cosmetic benefits, and with good reason. The formulation offers three texture options; fine, medium and course as well as the ability to mix your desired colour into the mix.


This versatile finish applies to various building surfaces along with significant flexibility, protecting your home from cracking and other costly damages that can occur over time.


With a solution from the Rendering Brisbane team, not only will you be left with an end result that is the envy of your neighbours, but we also offer our clients support and advice throughout the entire process. Resulting in a home renovation experience that you are comfortable and confident with every step of the process.

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