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Whether you’re looking to increase protection for your exterior walls, or you want to change the cosmetic appearance of your home, cement rendering is a fantastic option. Providing an extra insulation layer, as well as coming in an array of different colours and textures, rendering is a home improvement solution that not only makes your home look great, but will also help with those nasty power bills.


Here at Rendering Brisbane, our team has the skills and knowledge base to get you a fantastic result every time, resulting in a home improvement that looks exactly the way you envisioned.


Our clients are our main priority, and because of this, we promise to work alongside you from the initial design stage right through to project completion ensuring that you are entirely comfortable and confident moving forward.



What is Cement Rendering?


Cement rendering is made up of a sand and cement mixture that is applied to brick, cement, stone or mud brick and is often texturised, coloured or painted after application.


Generally, it is only used on exterior walls. However, we have serviced clients that have requested it be used indoors to create a stand out feature for the home.


At Rendering Brisbane, depending on your desired look, we offer options in fine, coarse and smooth textures, natural or coloured, pigmented or painted. If you’re unsure about what it is you might be after, get in contact with one of our rendering professionals, and they can help guide you through the process.


Your Design Vision Becomes a Reality with Rendering Brisbane



Presented differently all over the world and depending on the architectural style of your home, rendering is unique to the client's design tastes. At Rendering Brisbane our extensive range of colours and textures allow us to create a product that is completely custom designed by you!  


Many assume that rendering is meant solely for the exterior of a home or building, at Rendering Brisbane we don’t believe in such limitations. A number of our clients have created a number of stunning interior feature walls with the use of render; it is just a matter of having a professional that can complete the job to a high standard.  


Why Hire a Professional?



Rendering can be tricky business, and while some think that it requires no more than a DIY kit from the local hardware store, completing a rendering project and completing it well are two very different things.


By choosing Rendering Brisbane to complete your next project, you are ensuring that you are left with a beautifully finished project, that will not only look stunning but will aid in protecting your home’s exterior against cracking that may occur over time.


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For the best quality rendering in the Brisbane area, give the Rendering Brisbane team a call today! Our professional team are committed to providing the best quality service and workmanship, resulting in a finished product that bypasses the rest. Take advantage of our free quote and get your home looking the way it should - call today!